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Alberta Ranched Elk

Wapiti or "white rump" is derived from the Shawnee word meaning elk. Our ranched elk are naturally raised on pasture grass, hay
and alfalfa. We choose not to use antibiotics, preservatives or non-organic additives in either our animals or meat products.

Wapiti Ways elk meat is lean, dense, tender and juicy. It is low in cholesterol, calories and fat, but high in protein and iron. This makes it a perfect, tasty choice for health and weight-conscious consumers.

Wapiti ways produces a complete line of elk products. From our gourmet foods designed in collaboration with culinary artist Tim Wood, to our elk jerky, to our elk velvet antler and our elk artisan products, you will find our attention to detail and customer satisfaction is the reason Wapiti Ways Alberta Ranched Elk Products are #1. Below are just a few of the many wonderful elk products produced by Wapiti Ways.

Elk Meat Products

Gourmet Elk

Elk Antler
& Hide

Elk Steaks

Elk Roasts

Ground Elk

Elk Stew Meat

Elk Sausage

Whole Elk

Half Elk

Elk Prairie Gumbo

Elk Sausage Rolls

Curried Elk Prairie Puffs

Elk Calzone

Asian-Style Ginger Elk

Elk Lasagna

Elk Pizza

Elk Hunters' Pie

Elk Corn Dogs

Elk Velvet Antler

Elk Buckskin Jackets

Elk Buckskin Belts

Elk Buckskin Boots

Elk Buckskin Gloves

Elk Antlers


You can find us every week at the

Calgary Farmers' Market

510-77 Avenue S.E.
Calgary T2H 1C3

11:00am - 7:00pm

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
9:00am - 5:00pm

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