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Wapiti Ways is pleased to announce our collaberation with Tim Wood in the creation of Wood & Wapiti Ways elk entreés, dinners, and Specialty foods.

Our intent is to make consumers aware of, and comfortable with, the WHO, WHY, and HOW of the food they eat. Our motto is...

From Our Farm
To Your Fork!

This joint venture brings together two great teams: Tim and Deborah Wood; Culinary artists who meld a "wholistic" food philosophy with their years of expertise to produce locally grown, deliciously prepared foods, AND Wapiti Ways: Producers of Alberta ranched elk, naturally raised on pasture grasses, hay and oats.

Elk Entreés

Prairie Gumbo
A hearty blend of prairie grains, elk garlic sausage, root vegetables, simmered in a rich elk stock, with just a little bite to it.

Sausage Rolls
Prepared with a combination of lean ground elk and naturally raised pork blended with apples and fresh sage. Hand rolled in a battery puff pastry.

Curried Prairie Puffs

A blend of lean ground elk, curry, Wildflower honey, and goat cheese wrapped in a phyllo pastry.

Elk Calzone

Italian style elk sausage baked in handmade dough.

Asian-Style Ginger Elk

Thin strips of lean elk, hand cut and marinated with fresh ginger, lightly battered and fried, topped with Hoisin Sauce.

Elk Dinners


Prepared with naturally raised lean ground elk, simmered in a rich tomato sauce, layered with hand rolled egg pasta, fresh spinach and a blend of Alberta Cheeses.

Italian Style Pizza
An Italian style pizza with tomato sauce and herbs baked on a thin crust.

Hunter's Pie

A unique blend of lean elk morsels, simmered in a dark ale gravy, with mushrooms, sweet carrots and pearl onions.

Wapiti Chili

Hearty chunks of lean ground elk and Wapiti pasta sauce.

Elk Specialties

Wapiti Lean Pasta Sauce
Prepared with naturally raised lean ground elk simmered in a rich tomato sauce, fresh mushrooms, and herbs.

Wapiti Gravy
Simmered from lean elk, root vegetables and spices.

Mincemeat Tarts
Made with lean ground elk, raisins, currents and almonds. Baked in a hand made pastry.

Elk Corn Dogs
Lean elk hot dogs hand dipped in a corn batter; lightly fried in oil.

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